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Tesla Cannon

is often called overpowered :). It’s range is adjustable by holding the R key thru the weapon control, from full spread to single ray. Breaking blocks or on battery save (ammunition). While decimating enemies easily, you get to watch a string of lightning (pictures) obliterate your target. Holding the trigger when firing also spend the ammo in a more efficient way. Tutorial: How to use the Tesla Cannon in Minecraft here
Tesla Recipe


is a quad rocket launcher that allows rapid firing. The barrage of missiles go over 100 blocks exploding and resulting in massive damage. This weapon uses the rocket pack as ammunition and requires one to shoot. Read more about the M202 Here.
M202-RR Recipe


is a one shot nuclear launcher that burst open when firing a modified B-83 nuke. Warning, this custom weapon and nuke are poorly crafted, very unstable and unpredictable. Read more about the M202 Hack Here.
M202-Hack Recipe


is a M202 Rocket Launcher upgrade designed to hunt down B-83 nuclear missiles. The weapon also serves as a conventional rocket launcher when primary targets are not present. Read more about the M202 Hack Here.
S202-Seek Recipe


is an automatic weapon that emits a barrage of energy beams modulated to only hurt hostile Mobs & players but not animals. The laser shots saturate the target’s body tearing it apart like lego pieces. It uses Redstone Rods as ammunition. Here is more information about the Ein-Sten features.
Ein-StenEin-Sten Recipe

Plasma Cannon

fires energy pulse that burst giant plasma bubble explosions, throwing the adjacent entities into the air & dealing massive fall damage It uses hydrogen rods as ammunition. Plasma Cannon Tutorial here.
Plasma CannonPlasma Cannon Recipe


is probably the griefer’s favorite weapon. It’s range is adjustable by holding the R key thru the weapon control, from Armor Piercing or Melting Tool to Full Spread. It takes fuel tanks as ammunition. Try not to burn yourself. Flamethrower Tutorial Here
Flamethrower Recipe

Rod Disk

Obi-Wan’s quote: “Your father’s Rod Disk. This is the weapon of a Rebel Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a Ein-Sten laser; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Before the dark times…” …Well, thank you Obi-Wan… This melee mid-range weapon is only for the very skilled to use. It has 4 different rank versions, unlocked through the “/rr ” command follow by a secret password.
Rod Disk
Rod Disk Recipe

Gas Grenades

are hazardous and will not be shielded against by armor. When a gas grenade hits you, or you breathe its fumes, you will experience short term blindness, some nausea, and poison. While inside the fume, you will take suffocation damage. These grenades don’t travel very far, so they are for close combat.
Gas GrenadesGas Grenades Recipe


is a throwing knife also useful for melee combat. Two through three hits will kill a creeper. Knifes are not very useful for killing players, though they are a very useful as a last resort.
CuchilloCuchillo Recipe

Roda’s Rod

is a magic crow bar.
Roda's Rod
Roda's Rod Recipe

Dragon + ADS Tray

The Dragon is a flamethrower turret. The Autonomous Defense System protects your base when you are away. In addition to the recipe on the right (that only makes the modular tray) you have to load two Weapon Crates and one Chip into the ADS GUI to build the Dragon. The ADS requires batteries to function or a Reactor nearby. The Dragon uses Fuel Tanks as ammunition.
Set up the Dragon ADS Sentry Turret

Dragon + ADS Tray
Dragon + ADS Tray Recipe



are used in large amounts by the Tesla Cannon as ammunition. Batteries are also present in many devices crafting recipes. Read more about the Tesla Batteries here
Batteries Recipe


are used by the M202 – RR quad launcher as ammunition and also part of some crafting recipes like the experimental pills. Read more about the M202 Rocket Here.
Rockets Recipe

Redstone Rods

are used by Ein-Sten Laser weapon as ammunition. Here is more information about the Ein-Sten features.
Redstone RodsRedstone Rods Recipe

Hydrogen Rods

are used as ammunition by the Plasma Cannon. Also as part of the load of the B83 Tactical Nuke and the Tsar Bomb charge. Plasma Cannon Tutorial here.
Hydrogen RodsHydrogen Rods Recipe


is used as ammunition by the Flamethrower. It is also used in other recipes.
Fuel Recipe

Empty Rod

can contain different energy sources. To be used as weapon ammunition, nuclear devices load or Reactor fuel. After the energy gets depleted the Empty Rod remains in the inventory and can be refilled.
Empty RodEmpty Rod Recipe
Nuclear Rod

Nuclear Rod

is a nuclear component, containing 2.5 megatons of radioactive material. There is not recipe yet. It drops randomly from Supplies and Ammo crates only in survival mode. The Ammo crate has the highest chance to drop it. How to detonate the Tsar nuke or nuclear bomb.
No recipe at this version.