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Weapons and Ammunition 

Warning!! the Crafting recipes on this page are not current. Used them only for RR 1.6.4G, 1.6.2H, 1.5.2G and older versions.

Weapons Crate

The weapons crate has an array of powerful weapons, including the RPG, Tesla, Flamethrower, and Gas Grenade. These weapons are found along with the barricade autobuild, and the tower autobuild. Tutorial: How to Play RR server battle.

M202-RR Rocket Launcher (3D model since v 1.6.4B)

The rocket launcher can be used to fire a barrage of fiery missiles over 100 blocks exploding and resulting in massive damage. This weapon uses the rocket pack as ammunition and requires one to shoot. Read more about the M202 Here.


Often called an overpowered weapon, this Tesla reaches up to 200 blocks and packs a punch but has certain beauty to it too. While decimating enemies easily, you get to watch a string of lightning (pictures) obliterate your target. This weapon uses batteries to shoot. It is recommended to hold the trigger when firing to spend the ammo in a more efficient way.


This is a dangerous close range weapon that won't reach over 64 blocks, though when it reaches the target, it inflicts major damage (pictures). An armored target will survive the flamethrower, but it will reduce their visibility and make them easy targets. Typically used for mob control. Uses fuel as ammunition. Try not to burn yourself.

Plasma Cannon

This hand held cannon fires energy projectiles that burst giant plasma bubble explosions, throwing the adjacent entities into the air and dealing massive fall damage (pictures). Even armored targets will perish, since armor can't block the fall.  It uses hydrogen rods as ammunition. Use it to rocket jump!
Note: When used in a Server the MC moving too quickly anti hack will prevent it from tossing players. To fix the issue use the RR server patch

Ein-Sten Laser

This automatic weapon emits a barrage of energy beams modulated to only hurt hostile Mobs and other players but not animals. The laser shots saturate the target's body tearing it apart like lego pieces. It uses redstone rods as ammunition.
Here is more information about the Ein-Sten features.

Rod Disk

Obi-Wan's quote: "Your father's Rod Disk. This is the weapon of a Rebel Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a Ein-Sten laser; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Before the dark times..."     ...Well, thank you Obi-Wan... This melee mid-range weapon is only for the very skilled user. It has 4 different rank versions, unlocked through the "/rr  " command follow by a secret password.

Gas Grenade

Gas grenades are hazardous and will not be shielded against by armor. When a gas grenade hits you, or you breathe its fumes, you will experience short term blindness, some nausea, and poison. While inside the fume, you will take suffocation damage. These grenades don't travel very far, so they are for close combat.


The knife is useful for throwing, or melee combat. Two through three hits will kill a creeper. Knifes are not very useful for killing players, though they are a very useful last resort.


Ammo Crate

The ammo crate contains ammunition for all the weapons in the game. It is also the crate with the highest chance of dropping a radioactive element. At a 1 out of 3 chance, this crate is useful for farming radioactive elements.
Tutorial: How to Play RR PvP game.


Rockets are the ammunition used by the Rocket Launcher, and are used in crafting experimental pills.
Read more about the M202  Rocket Here.


Batteries, besides being used in the Tesla, are useful in many crafting recipes.


Fuel is used in both pills as well as the flare, and are most often used for the  flamethrower.

Empty Rod

Empty rods are containers used as ammunition by different weapons.

Hydrogen Rod

Hydrogen rods are used as ammunition by the plasma cannon and as part of the Tsar nuke's charge.

On top, the new recipe present since version 1.6.2G.
Below the old recipe present from version 1.4.7 to 1.6.2E 

Redstone Rod

Redstone rods are used as ammunition by the Ein-Sten laser.
Here is more information about the Ein-Sten features.
Nuclear Rod

This is a nuclear component, containing 2.5 megatons of radioactive material. There it's not recipe. It only drops from Supplies and Ammo crates. (The Ammo crate has the highest chance).
How to detonate the Tsar nuke or nuclear bomb.
No recipe at this version.

Old Crafting Recipes (1.6.4)

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