Flamethrower Minecraft Mod

Flamethrower Minecraft mod


Hello, This is Rodol.

On this tutorial I’ll explain how to set up the weapon control panel, how to use the Flamethrower, and share a little background about the 3D modeling.


To display the Weapon Control GUI, hold down the R key while the Flamethrower is selected on your hot bar. Using the mouse pointer or mouse wheel you can adjust the rotary knob to 3 different positions.

Flamethrower Minecraft Mod weapon control
Weapon Control

Flamethrower modes:

  • Full spread:  (at the far right) shoots a long flame, to reach mobs, do crowd control and grief. It also saves ammunition.
  • Armor piercing:  (at the middle) shoots a medium range flame that pierces thru enemy armor. The amount of damage inflicted to the armor compares to the Tesla. In this setting the weapon spends twice as much ammunition.
  • Melting tool: (at the far left) shoots an intense and very short flame that melts all sorts of blocks, burning thru rock and converting blocks. On this mode the weapon spends three times as much ammunition.
fuel tank flamethrower Minecraft mod
 Fuel Tank

  The Flamethrower uses the Fuel Tank as ammunition.

Flamethrower 3D modeling

The Flamethrower is present since Rival Rebels original release, along with the Tesla, the old RPG currently the M202-RR  (Rocket Launcher) and the Nuke.
Flamethrower pixel

I designed the new 3D model based on the concept of the original pixel art icon of the weapon, keeping the Burner, Hose, and Gas Tank in place.

Flamethrower Minecraft mod

Flamethrower sketch

I'm giving the model a trigger even thought steve has no fingers. It took me time because the model is too complicated to be plotted by hand, and as the Tesla, I have done it in Blender 3D a great and free application that runs great in Linux Ubuntu that I love.

Flamethrower 3D model render (Blender 3D)

The Flamethrower is a heavy weapon with a very industrial look. The front Burner hides the flame propeller device that injects gas and releases a string of hight pressure fire. Hanging below the weapons body is the gas tank that serves as ammunition. Connected to the top by a hose. Be careful when aiming too close because fire spreads very fast and noobs tend to burn themselves. Recipes for all weapons and ammo can be found on the Weapons tab.

Flamethrower Minecraft Mod

FlameThrower Mod

Currently I'm using Blender for modeling and texture mapping. Blender is really cool, and free!