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Robot Pilot Mission part 0
Illuminati Mission part 1
Illuminati Mission part 2
Illuminati Mission part 3
Illuminati Mission part 4
Robot War Games First Edition
Robot War Games Second Edition
Mob Battle and Rhodes Boss Tutorial
Rhodes 3 Monster Robot development and testing
Automatic Defense System Tutorial
Tesla, ToKaMaK Reactor and Force Fields development
B-2 Stealth Bomber, LTD and Controller development 
Tricks, Traps and how to detonate nukes with redstone
How to build the Tsar Bomba on Minecraft - Tutorial
Plasma Camon and Rod Disk Release
Rival Rebels Tricks - first Tutorial

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    Nuclear Adventures Series (discontinued)  

Nuclear Adventures - Episode #1 - (old contest)
Nuclear Adventures - Episode #2
Nuclear Adventures - Episode #3


    First RR videos  

Rival Rebels Mod Teaser Video
Original Nuke Development


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