Dragon Sentry Turret Rival Rebels Mod

Dragon Sentry Turret ADS Tutorial

The Dragon is an automatic Flamethrower Turret capable of puncturing player's armor and killing mobs. It is very fast, accurate and able to predict the target next movement.

Dragon Sentry ADS Turret mod

The A.D.S (Automatic Defense System) is a modular tray that supports different turrets models. (For now only the dragon is available). The ADS can be powered up by the Reactor or batteries.

How to set up the Dragon ADS turrets:

Dragon Sentry minecraft mod

The ADS tray can be found in the inventory or crafted. You can place it on the Bastion or any elevated surface to make it more effective. It is also present on the Barricade auto-build structure.

Dragon Sentry ADS Turret minecraft mod

To set up the ADS turrets right click the empty tray to open the GUI.

  • Fill up the construction parts on the 3 slots marked as A on the image above. Place 1 Chip and 2 Weapon Crates.
  • When you place the 3 parts, the weapons names in the menu B will become available showing the team color of the chip used. Blue for sigma and green for omega. Or yellow if no team is present.
  • As soon as you click the weapon's name, (the Dragon in this case), the 3D of the turret will show on top of the tray on D and the 3 constructing parts will be consumed.
  • By toggling the buttons on C you can select the desired target or combine targets:
    1. The top button Microchip will force the weapon to attack enemy players only.
    2. The one in the middle Player will set the weapon to attack all players. (But you also have to turn off the Microchip button to make it attack all)
    3. The one below makes the weapon to attack Mobs.
  • Fill up the 3 slots on E with the weapons required ammunition.  Use Gas Tanks for the Dragon.
  • Set a Loader close by to automatically refill ammunition and/or batteries.
  • Fill up the 3 slots on F with batteries if the ADS is far from the Reactor or build a Reactor near by to power it up.
  • The light on H will be green only if the ADS are getting powered (by a Reactor or batteries)
  • By moving the range dial on G you can adjust the weapon's scope to avoid firing at the supporting structure or to limit the weapon's vision.

Different Automatic Defense System configurations

Sentry Turret Rival Rebels mod

Dragon Sentry ADS Turret mod barricade

Barricade features 4 ADS trays

Reactor set inside the Barricade