Wow! What started out as a mod now has its own game

S202 Seeker - Rocket Launcher
M202 Hack - Nuclear Rocket Launcher
Roda's magical crow bar
ADS Barricade plus Loaders and Reactor

Laser Target Designator LTD view

Force Fields Emitters Bastion Reactor and Loaders 

Rival Rebels Gallery
M202-RR and Rocket with it's fins deployed
Ein-Sten laser projectiles
Ein-Sten mob fragmentation system
Ein-Sten Laser Weapon
Already here, Check it out!
Rival Rebels Comic by Rodophita,  ... because the rebel was an egg all along!

Tsar Bomba
Tsar Explosion
Tsar Crater
Remote Tsar detonation using a Chest-Hopper-Redstone & Lever, idea from Hellgate79 , Thanks!
In addition in RR v 1.6.2E you can modify the RR config file NuclearBombCountdown=25  from 25 to 0 to have no countdown and blow up the nuke from a MC button or lever.
Nuker Class GUI
Sigma & Omega objectives
Steel Block, Loader, Controller, Reactor, Nuke & Nuclear Rod
All new textures
Me, Rodol
Leader Rod Disk
Rocket barrage
Rocket surfing
Rodol's room
Reactor on the back

 The Plasma Cannon

Plasma blast
The Plasma Cannon
Plasma projectile
Plasma bubble

 The Nuke

These rings are square like everything else.
The expansive wave of the nuclear blast
The nuclear bomb now has animated rings that move slowly up and down and shift sizes.
The original Nuclear mushroom.
The nuke hanging, LOST style.
The armed nuke.
Armed nuke's GUI with 10 megatons.


The Flamethrower shooting a continuous line of fire.

The Tesla opening fire on a tower.
The Tesla being shot into the sky.
Example of how the Tesla hurts the user while the user is wet.


Rocket Launcher
 (From version 1.4.7 to 1.6.4A)

Rocket flying overhead

 Plume of smoke being expulsed out the rear of the Rocket Launcher


 Round rocket right after firing, fins deployed. Yes you heard right, ROUND.  

Flyby Rockets running out of propulsion (fuel)

 (only in version 1.1)

 A barrage of shots from the old RPG.
 The RPG shooting the original rocket at dawn.

Wow! What started out as a mod now has its own game

New Rival Rebels Game

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