Plasma Cannon Mod for Minecraft

Plasma Cannon Minecraft mod Tutorial:

plasma cannon Rival Rebels Minecraf Mod

First 3D weapon in RR mod

On this tutorial I'll explain how to use the Plasma Cannon, and share a little background about it.

  The Plasma Cannon acts like a kinetic weapon that causes indirect damage with out breaking blocks, making it the weapon of choice to defend you base or to disperse big crowds. The explosion or plasma bubble quickly expands sending your opponents thru the air and inflicting massive fall damage. The plasma projectile's range can reach up to 150 blocks when overcharged by holding the trigger before firing. Also rapid firing is possible by spamming the trigger when attacking close targets.


The Plasma Cannon requires some practice on the aiming to successfully toss mobs and players. Short mobs are always the harder to pick up. A good method is to aim at the ground next to the mobs feet, to give room for the growing plasma bubble to catch them up. Keep in mimd that grass, tall grass and snow interfere with the kinetic action, minimizing the push. The Plasma Cannon spends Hydrogen Rods as ammunition, and leaves an empty rod 

Hydrogen Rod

Recipes for all weapons and ammo can be found on the Weapons tab.

plasma cannon

The Plasma Cannon is a light weapon with a very futuristic and cool looking. The front casing hides the MARAUDER device that releases the pulse of magnetically contained plasma. But be careful when aiming too close because it's blast will push you backward very hard. On the other hand that makes it perfect to rocket jumping. 

Early Plasma Cannon Rival Rebels

First Plasma Cannon texture at developing time (Originally publicized on January 25, 2013)

The Plasma Cannon 3D model was the first hand held 3D I made for Rival Rebels. At that time I plotted the vertices straight to the tessellator.  The picture above shows the ugly test texture I made during developing of the plasma projectile, the bubble and explosion system. Probably because of that ugly texture I made the 3D model for this weapon (because it was so ugly). Currently I'm using Blender for modeling and texture mapping. Blender is really cool, and free!