Here is the Updated version of Rival Rebels vs the Illuminati city Map (video Series)

Important!: Please download the 2 files, unzip and add the content files in part 2 to the Region folder of part 1.

Get RR Map Part 1

Get RR Map Part 2

Note: This SECOND public version of the MAP is heavily compressed in 2 PARTS for download performance.
This map includes the Illuminati city in Hollow Earth, RR City Head Quarters, corridor maze, Winter Enclave and the rest of the recording sets of Rival Rebels vs the Illuminati video series. ( I have been using for the RR vids from day one).

Get the (incomplete) Illuminati Resource Pack:

Get RR Resource Pack

Warning: Lots of Illuminati are in this video!

Wow! What started out as a mod now has its own game


New Rival Rebels Game