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Rival Rebels 1.5.2 Download

Rival Rebels version 1.5.2b  1.5.2a (alpha) for Minecraft 1.5.2
Edit: This is RR 1.5.2b update. The fixed version that should be stable and stop all the reported glitches in the alpha. (Thank you guys for the feedback)

On this update I'm including what I think is the first Game Lobby GUI in any Minecraft mod, if it's not, you are welcome to let me know. To see the new lobby break the game starter bloc in survival mode and you are done! 
Also eight new sets of armor were added. Sigma and Omega teams now have four classes each: Rebel, Nuker, Intel and Hacker. I reworked the spawn system and added the objectives.
Plus new LANGUAGE SUPPORT for Dutch! Special thanks to Arjandotorg for the Dutch translations. Please visit his youtube channel at ArjanDotOrg.
And new LANGUAGE SUPPORT for Chinese! Special thanks to Lexus for the Chinese translations, here is the link to his profile.

**No Download** 

For MC 1.5.2 use the Tsar Bomb update

Note: this version is deprecated due to Forge changes. For Minecraft 1.5.2, please use RR v1.5.2G instead.

The original 1.5.2C update was released using FORGE VERSION

Remember that it is very important to remove the old config files to avoid problems with the new ID's.

Link to download Forge Build 

Link to video tutorials on How to Install Forge and Rival Rebels (in different languages)

'The Lobby' Team Selector GUI

Rebel Class GUI

Hacker Class GUI

Nuker Class GUI

Intel Class GUI

Intel Class Armor & Sigma Objective

New features on the update:

The new Spawn System eliminates -spawn- griefing and killings, adding a Team selection GUI, a sort of Lobby that shows the different player names on each team pointing the selected class in different colors, red for the Rebel (a heavy weapons specialist), yellow for the Nuker, (a demolition expert), blue for the Intel, (special forces) and green for the Hacker (a cyber war specialist).

I extended the LANGUAGE SUPPORT for the new GUIs, adding lots of translations for Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Finnish, Dutch and Chinese. Please if you find mistakes in your language, let me know to correct them!! or if your language is not present, and you want to help, please contact me.
There are 8 new armor sets, 32 pieces in total that have different levels of damage reduction and durability depending on the class. The new armor could be enchanted.
The reworked game starter block now deploys an Omega and Sigma objective 200 blocks apart from the spawn. The new objectives serve as the goal or end game when nuked by the other team.
In the new game system one unique objective is set for each team that is indestructible by all means, but the nuke. Each side must protect it from being destroyed while attacking and trying to destroy the other team's objective. So when an objective is caught by the nuclear blast radius it gets destroyed and the opposite team is declared victorious. Then, the game restarts by moving the -spawn-  200 blocks farther on the same map and setting new objectives for the next battle.
Also, the player's name tags are working fine again, only showing when the distance is 5 or less blocks, to allow hiding behind solids and so.

The RR Server is running the current version,  feel free to join.

Op commands:
 /reset all   (deletes all the team files and all the resets counts)
 /reset <player name>   (deletes the given player's team files and reset counts)

Player commands:
/killme  (kills the player)
/rr <password>  (allows the player to enter Rod Disk rank password)



- Spawn GUI
- Class GUI
- New classes: Rebel, Nuker, Intel and Hacker
- Team win GUI, and next battle GUI
- Server custom information file to be displayed in the lobby GUI, thru the motd.txt file inside /mods/RivalRebels/Spawn
- 32 pieces of armor with hi-res textures
- The new armor can be enchanted
- Sigma and Omega unique objective blocks
- New spawn system
- Flag crates have recipes
- Nuke the objective game play
- Language support for Dutch, (thanks to Arjandotorg)
- Language support for Chinese, (thanks to Loest)  


- Player's name tags now work like they used to in 1.4.7, only displaying at 5 or less blocks of distance
- Game starter block deploys the team's objective and spawn
- Game starter block sets the spawn on the sky, at 200 blocks height, and forces the player to respawn
- Game starter block builds a half sphere spawn, with no grass and no beacon to prevent lag
- Original camo armor crates have new recipes
- The Army Shovel now called Sapper Shovel, quickly breaks a big variety of blocks and does damage to mobs
- Tesla randomly cycles thru the armor pieces inflicting damage, instead of attacking all pieces at once
- When the player is teleported from the spawn sphere he only carries the items from the selected class
- The GUI reset button allows players to change class within a battle 2 times and clears the inventory
- The smart camo block is stronger to the tesla and to the Gravity explosion system
- The Toaster spams less help messages when clicked

Known glitches:

- Tesla has a temporary fix that renders the arc at a 20 block distance but still hits targets at normal ranges. (only the visuals are buggy since a Forge change on Build 1.5.1- )
- The Controller and the Reactor are not finished
- After clicking the reset button the third time the team selector GUI stops showing
- The Loader duplicates when broken
- The flare disappears when a block is placed on top
- MC crashes on re-loggin after using the gane-starter block. For now you can delete the files inside /mods/rivalrevels folder, not the zip file, and do not use the game starter!
- There is a glitch assigning the class items to the player's inventory that makes some items unresponsive

All the crossed out glitches have been fixed in version 1.5.2b.

**No Download**

Note: this version is deprecated due to Forge changes. For Minecraft 1.5.2, please use RR v1.5.2G instead.

Note: If you are a mod reviewer, please contact me through the Rival Rebels Forum to get pre-releases notes and additional info.

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