Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rival Rebels Tsar Bomba 1.5.2g

Rival Rebels version 1.5.2g (1.5.2f & 1.5.2e) Tsar bomba update for Minecraft 1.5.2 !!!
Greetings humans!
This is RR 1.5.2g , the Tsar bomba update!  This version of the mod is the best and most stable for MC 1.5.2 !! 

How to build the Tsar Bomba

On this update I'm including what I think is the most shocking and destroying weapon in Minecraft, Mother Russia's Tsar bomba, a very retro nuke, the biggest ever made, (lucky for us).  A monster that you can build and detonate in a similar way to the original nuke. Also in this update are fixes for all glitches, like the nuke cloud disappearing when looking up, the Tesla ray distance, and lots of server side fixes.
Learn how to build the Antimatter Nuke


Please use  FORGE 1.5.2 Recommended version and remember that it is very important to remove the old config files to avoid problems with the new ID's.

Link to download Forge Build 

Link to video tutorials on How to Install Forge and Rival Rebels (in different languages)

(official download)

Note: RR Version 1.5.2g is the final and best version for MC 1.5.2. 
It's inside the minecraft/config folder.

Rodol's testing server (IP: is running the current version of the mod. But feel free to make your own server!! If you need help, or want me to promote your server, let me know!! 

Click here for RR servers list and for the step by step tutorial on how to set up your own server.

Op commands:
 /reset all   (deletes all the team files and all the resets counts)
 /reset <player name>   (deletes the given player's team files and reset counts)

Player commands:
/killme  (kills the player)
/rr <password>  (allows the player to enter Rod Disk rank password)

Note: Rival Rebels mod is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Finnish, Dutch and Chinese. If your language is not present or you have found mistakes, please help me with the translations.

New features on the update:

The Tsar bomba is a huge nuke that makes little lag while exploding, and changes size according to the amount of rods placed in it's interface. So for limited computer systems you could load a smaller charge, that will dig the crater in smaller chunks preventing freezes. 

How to build the Tsar Bomba:

Start by piling 8 crates,  4 nuke tops and 4 nuke bottoms on a 'wall' shape.

Then using the pliers on the top front one you will get the nuke shell.

Clicking the nuke shell center at the circular access latch will open the bombs interface.

Now you have to set all the components into the right places, Fuse, a timed bomb and 2 Antennae,  and an equal amount of nuclear rods and hydrogen rods on the top and botton of the load are necessities.
If all requirements are met, the bomb will be armed.
The amount of rods is variable, allowing smaller explosions for small PC's.

If the amount of nuclear and hydrogen rods are not the same the UNBALANCED warning will display.

Tsar bomba fireball

Tsar bomba cloud's neck and crater

The crater features new blocks: the scorched stone and petrified wood, two very radioactive and harmful additions, that will drain your health while walking on them. The explosion petrifies trees in place.

Also, I included a new inventory tab for all RR's items.

Plus, more translations, glitch fixing and now you can target practice on flares with the Rod disk.



- Tsar bomba shell, spherical shockwave, fireball and mushroom cloud renders.
- Tsar GUI
- Tsar crater algorithm.
- 4 directional Scorched Stone blocks.
- Scorched Stone blocks varying brightness.
- Petrified Wood block.
- Antenna part.


- Rod Disk explodes flares on contact.
- All classes carry pliers.
- Toaster no longer spams chat.

Fixed glitches:

- Tesla renders the arc at a dynamic block distance.
- Nuke cloud renders at all times.
- Nuke cloud render size is again relative to the amount of nuclear rods.
- The reset button of the team selector GUI works on the third time.
- The Loader doesn't duplicates when broken.
- The flare doesn't disappears when a block is placed on top.
- All server side glitches have been adressed.
- Plasma cannon dropped item renders correctly.
- Unresponsive inventory items glitch is fixed.
- Version 1.5.2e is a -hot fix- for the short lived versions 1.5.2c and 152d to address server side Tsar render issues and player tracker crashes.
- Version 1.5.2f address server side Tsar render issues and player tracker crashes.
- Version 1.5.2g address a span deployment issue.

- Added decay time to Tsar render.
- Sigma objective gets destroyed by Tsar bomba.
- Tesla's arch no longer lags the game.
- Invisible snow blocks are no longer generated next to the nuke crates.
- The spawn GUI updates the player's list on logout.
- Spawn and objective auto generation clears blocks around player spawn location.
- Force shield block has a new texture.
- Nuke crater works on all explosion sizes.
- Shovel easily breaks scorched stone and petrified wood blocks.
- Objective texture was tweaked.
- Finnish translations on the class GUI were corrected, Thanks Generator2142!!
- Tsar sizes 1 to 3 make no fireball to have more render time for the nuke cloud.
- Player tag name render distance is set to seven blocks.

- Omega & Sigma objective no longer offsets the platform after many rounds.
- German translations have being corrected. Thanks to NowItsYourCraft for his contribution!!

Note: All of the above in orange, describes fixes done in RR 1.5.2f .

Second note: All of the above in blue, describes fixes included in RR 1.5.2g , this is the final and best version for Minecraft 1.5.2

When updating the mod, please REMEMBER TO DELETE THE CONFIGURATION FILES INSIDE minecraft/config  FOLDER!
(to avoid item ID's conflicts between different mods and previous versions)

(official download)

Note: If you are a mod reviewer, please contact me through the Rival Rebels Forum to get pre-releases notes and additional info.

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