Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rival Rebels mod 1.5.2 Porting

Hello Rival Rebels,

Edit: download the 1.5.2 update in here

I'm near to finish the new update, actually I wasn't expecting a Mojang release until 1.6 , but whatever, this guys have their own timings and we, the modders, have to adjust. The porting to 1.5.2 got harder because I'm deploying a new spawning system for the mod, you know me, I'm always improving and adding new stuff to RR, so this update caught me in the middle of that. Plus a few school projects, and fun days at the beach also delayed the thingy...
Also, I spent some time trying to fix the Tesla lightning that is not rendering properly, I realized after some Sherlock Holmes work that it stop working at Forge Build 1.5.1-, people who got that version and up know what Im talking about. So I made a temporary fix for this release but because it's a Forge issue I need more time to ask and wait for the correct answer.
Other issue is that 1.5.1 -they say- should be compatible with 1.5.2, but you already know, it's not, it crashes Minecraft, so please be patient, and stay tuned, cause in one or two days I will be ready to release a beta of the new version, so you guys can help me fix it up the rest wile having fun with the mod. 

The Nuker Class Armor
Sigma and Omega objectives

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