Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rival Rebels 1.5.1 Download

Rival Rebels version 1.5.1b 1.5.1a for Minecraft 1.5.1

Here is the 1.5.1 update, after waiting for Mojang to fix the performance / frame rate issues. Obviously, everybody else also waited, including the folks from MCP and Forge, cool dudes that I would like to thank for their great job, Lex Manos, CPW and all the MCP and the Forge community for their commitment to keep modders alive!

New gravity explosions!!

This has been a hard update to code, I've spent days and nights fixing tons of glitches (stuff that used to work fine). And even thought it's still not fully tested, I wanted to release the mod as soon as I could and Forge official release was out for download. Anyway you guys can help me out spotting more bugs and posting the findings on this page to correct them for the next version.

Learn how to build the Tachyon Nuke

Watch the RR Series Second Season!

Note: For RR 1.5.1b I strongly recommend to use Forge Build 1.5.1- , other Forge versions after that point break the Tesla lighting arc render, and may provoque other nasty problems.

Here is the link to all Forge versions's list.

(official download)

It's inside the minecraft/config folder

The new Loader 

Loader's fully opened drawer

New features on the update:

The Rocket has a new gravity Explosion System that practically demolishes any structure, making it collapse!!
The new explosion system is shared by the Timed bomb on a bigger size and the plastic explosives on a medium size.
Another addition is The LOADER,  (a chest replacement). A strong, big and modular container that will serve as a feeder for other machines on future updates.
Also new LANGUAGE SUPPORT for Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German and Finnish . A really hard thing to implement, so please, feel free to let me know for better ways to translate items names or to correct typos or even if your language is not present on the mod but supported by Minecraft, please send me a list of the items translated in two columns so I can include it on next updates. (Thank you, Generator2142 for the Finnish translation!)
New textures for the Laptop and Reactor.
Tweaks to the Rod Disk, that now returns to the hot bar automatically after a few seconds, and when colliding on mid air it destroys other disks.
Plus a new hidden surprise...

The chicken is befuddled by the Loader



- Gravity explosion system on the Rocket, the Time bomb and the Plastic Explosives.
- The Loader, a modular item container!
- The Loader has 64 item slots and withstands Tesla shots
- The /cleanspawn command to regenerate the spawn area when it's too griefed
- The /killme command to kill yourself without op status
- More damage sources to display the player's death circumstances that involve mod weapons
- The Reactor and Laptop textures
- More custom sounds have been added (more to come)
- Language support for the inventory in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, and Finnish
- The Rod Disk returns to its owner after 5 or more seconds depending on rank
- The Flare's explosion makes fire when hit


- Laptop withstands Tesla shots
- Reactor withstands Tesla shots
- Tesla no longer displays the sky flash to prevent lag in very large maps
- The remote's charge now is call Plastic Explosives (or C4, thanks Minecraft Daily! :) and the remote is called Detonator
- Pills are consumed on the first click to fix an eating glitch
- Rod disk kills other Rod disks on collision
- Reactor has a new inventory icon
- Rod Disk, Reactor, Hydrogen Rod, Nuclear Rod, and Plasma Cannon feature full 3D when dropped on the floor
- Laptop displays 3D on hand
- Laptop is called Controller now
- Null pointer exception with the Rod disks has been fixed
- Laptops are placeable now
- Portugese translations for two camo blocks have been corrected

Known glitches:

- Name tags are visible again due to a hook glitch on Forge (previously I had set them up to display player's names only when the distance was 5 or less blocks but now the whole thing doesn't work)
- The reset block on the spawn dupes (duplicates) when the new explosion system blasts it, so after a lot of griefing the spawn becomes a mountain of resets blocks!
- Null pointer exception with Rod disks. This has already been fixed, and it will no longer happen in the next version.
- Two camo blocks have incorrect translations in Portugese (also fixed for next update)

Note: 1.5.1b changes are marked in orange


It's inside the minecraft/config folder!

(official download)

Note: If you are a mod reviewer, please contact me thru g+ to get pre-releases notes and additional info.

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