Monday, March 18, 2013

Porting Rival Rebels to 1.5

Hello Rival Rebels

Edit: download the 1.5.2 update in here

I'm very busy updating the mod, after procrastinating a little, which I actually never do, but I got overwhelmed when I realized the size of the endeavor. Trolljang (just echoing somebody in the forums) completely changed the whole texturing system. Lighting and a huge number of methods were made obsolete and replaced. Well, you are not interested on the details but probably you know that RR has A LOT of custom blocks, items & very special renders.
But the good news is that Rival Rebels is already running on 1.5, still lots of glitches to fix and fine tuning to go for, plus the extensive multiplayer testing that I always do after that. Hoping 1.5.1 doesn't change everything back... Minecraft 1.5 has lots of vanilla glitches, and I don't know about you but my FPS is down to half its normal rate, so I am extremely laggy and glitchy for now.

In another tone, this update is going to feature a brand new Explosion System. After remembering the infamous explosion bug while watching episode 37 of Minecraft Daily from SCMowns2 when they used what they call C4 (the remote charge) and Rachel walks back to step on invisible blocks.
Notch's explosion, used in some of RR small explosives, does not update the chunk for a player that has already been there and comes back, forcing the player to re-log to update and see the crater or destruction.
So before I started porting to 1.5  I came up with a new system that should fix it, and also made the new explosions a great spectacle to stare at. Now when you fire a rocket or blow something up with the charge or timed bomb the blocks fly out into the air!

Flying dirt

Flying sand & cobble stone

So hopefully this will be great and if Mojang fixes its part, not much lag will occur anymore.  But you probably already know me. I like to push this java monster to the limit, and I have fun doing it.

Wish me luck because I'll be competing on the county spelling bee on Wednesday!

And if you haven't seen it yet here is the latest webisode of our Nuclear Adventures.

Map: City of Gods by Rodol's crew.
Using Optifine and Sphax PureBDCraft
Featuring Mutant Creatures Mod By thehippomaster21

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