Monday, February 25, 2013

Download Rival Rebels 1.4.7

Rival Rebels (Plasma cannon update) for Minecraft 1.4.7 and 1.4.6.

The new Plasma Cannon, a non-griefing weapon that bursts fusion energy to disperse mobs and players. It is powered by hydrogen rods. Perfect to defend your base, tossing your enemies away!

This weapon needs a skilled user, aiming is not straight forward and the firing distance should be medium to long-range to avoid being pushed back by the bubble.
(Perfect for rocket jumping though :))
This weapon is a ton of fun!

Learn how to build the Tachyon Nuke

Watch the RR Series Second Season!

Find the password on my Plasma Cannon video to unlock the Rod-Disk Rebel Rank 

(official download)


It's inside the minecraft/config folder!

The Rod-Disk
Obi-Wan's quote: "Your father's Rod Disk. This is the weapon of a Rebel Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a plasma cannon; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Before the dark times..."

Well, thank you Obi-Wan...  The Rod disk (obviously similar to the Tron disk, (you don't say...)) is a melee mid-range weapon, just for the very skilled user. Throwing the disk effectively and catching it again is very hard for a novice.
On the Regular rank or default (white when thrown) is not deadly against other players, and anyone can catch it back. But when unlocked through the command "/rr  " plus the password, it becomes deadly for everybody but it's master.
The upper-ranks Rod disks fly farther, kill faster and bounce harder, so they are also harder to manage. When used in tight spaces, the disk will keep on hurting everybody but its owner...

I also fixed a ton of glitches, cleaned up the code and added new and very drastic changes.
For example: I eliminated the name tags in game, so you are no longer spotted behind solids, meaning you can hide underground or behind a tree. I know this is a very strong measure because when RR mod is running, there will be no name tags whatsoever and no configuration way to turn them on. The problem is that I can not let the server turn tags on-off independently from the client because Forge is universal, and it doesn't synchronize the client to the server specs. So if I put a config method to do so, the client could turn tags on and see everybody's tag without showing his. (an exploit).

Another change is the 'keep inventory after death'. When the Spawn Dome is placed the command is set to enable automatically. (If you don't want this feature you can turn it off with /gamerules keepInventory false).

Yes, hand-held 3D items! and yes, eventually I will make all weapons 3D, please be patient, I'm only one guy doing the coding and the 3D modeling! I'm in middle school and I need time to finish my Science fair project, btw I'm using an Arduino microcontroller for the project, they are really cool.

Plasma Cannon detail view

Plasma energy projectile



- The Plasma Cannon!!!
- The Rod-Disk!
- The Hydrogen Rod (plasma cannon ammunition)
- The Nuclear Rod 3D (nuclear element)
- The Laptop (not functionality yet)
- The Reactor (not functionality yet)
- Custom sounds have been added (more to come)
- Encryption has been added to mask the rank level passwords
- Out of ammo messages are customized to each weapon
- Some death messages are customized to the death cause and the killer


- Covered the square hole on the nuke's cloud render
- Sigma and Omega blocks check if there's space in the player's inventory for the given bunker (used to cause a crash)
- Nuke crates now match when placing them against each other
- Nuke's default time is 25 seconds (you can change it on the config file)
- Time bomb default time is 25 seconds (you can change it on the config file)
- Inventory items are kept on death (change using /gamerule)
- Cycle block recipe added (4 troll faces in a square)
- Tesla's arc render lag is fixed
- Tesla's first shot missing is fixed
- Tesla is nerfed
- Nuke withstands Tesla shots
- Ops remote charge has a new texture
- Landmine has the default grass texture to blend in any texture pack
- Helmet's front is shorter


- Items no longer keep on bouncing on the jump block
- Troll Face no longer disappears when user re-logs
- Particles not longer prevent Mario block from being mined
- Name tags are no longer visible in game (you cannot change it on the config file)


It's inside the minecraft/config folder!

(official download)

 Note: If you are a mod reviewer, please contact me thru g+ to get pre-releases and additional info.

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