Monday, December 28, 2015

Minecraft Tsar Bomb mod Bouncy!

Hi, I'm Rodol Phito, the creator of Rival Rebels.

On Rival Rebels Mod 1.7.10Q update for Minecraft 1.7 , you can drop and bounce the Tsar Bomba. The Tsar now drop when the timer hits 0, instead of just blowing up on the spot. You can also make the bomb bounce around by including a Troll Face when loading the nuclear elements. That makes the Tsar perfect to play Hot Potato by hitting it with the Plasma Cannon. The bomb has a 10% chances of blowing up on each bounce. The Tsar can be wired using a hopper, redstone and a lever. But the Tsar will explode if it hits any entities including the RHODES 3 ROBOT(There is no Rival Rebels 1.9 1.8 version yet)

Warning! Too many Nukes!
How to drop the Nuke Bomb
RR vs Illuminati video #3
On the last update I changed the jump block to allow it to be moved by pistons. The Tsar & the Nuke bounces on top of it when dropped. To get the nukes to drop instantly you can use the new command: /rrconfig nuketime <number> (sets the nuke timer to the specified number of seconds). Please look at the Change log below on this page for a full description.

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I'm developing Rival Rebels FULL GAME, all new, independent and awesome.  :)

More mod updates are on the way, so stay tuned!!

Learn how to pilot the Rhodes 3 ROBOT in this video



To learn how to set up the Robot model and logo follow this Tutorial.

Tutorials are available in all languages on the tutorials page

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Note: All previous features are included, enjoy! 


Note2: Rival Rebels mod is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, German, Finnish, Dutch, Chinese, Czech, Estonian, Indonesian, French and Arabic. If your language is not present or you have found mistakes, please contact me to help me with the translations.

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Multiplayer Commands

Op commands:
/rrreset all   (deletes all the team files and all the resets counts)
/rrreset <player name>   (deletes the given player's team files and reset counts)
/rrstopround   (stops the battle round, preventing the 'next battle window' to show again)
/rrstartround   (starts the battle round without the need of placing the Game Starter block or if the round was stopped)
/rrinspect <player name>   (prints out the given player mod list)
/rrmotd <message>   (displays the message of the day on the Battle System's GUI)
/rrrobot (displays rrrobot help to change rhodes model color and logo, among other cool things)
/rrconfig nuketime <number> (sets the nuke timer to the specified number of seconds.)

Player commands:
/killme  (kills the player)
/rr <password>  (allows the player to enter Rod Disk rank password)

If you want me to list your server on the RR site, please contact me on the RR Forums with the information.

Change log: 


- The Tsar Nuke can be dropped
- The Tsar Nuke bounces on the jump block
- The Tsar Nuke has a 90% chance to bounce on any block when a troll face is placed with the rods.
- A top level Rod Disk for the Representative password
- Command: /rrconfig nuketime <number> (sets the nuke timer to the specified number of seconds)


- none


- Death messages are not working properly
- Cores will sometimes disappear after being ejected from the reactor
- Rhodes pieces wont keep model colors for efficiency reasons

If you find a glitch or error messages contact me on the RR FORUM  Thanks!

Note: If you are a mod reviewer, please contact me through the Rival Rebels Forum to get pre-releases notes and additional info.