Friday, January 25, 2013

Plasma Cannon

Hey Rival Rebels,  

I'm coding the next update, fixing small glitches, boosting the functionality to the game, retexturing some items, and adding cool stuff. The pics below show the new Plasma Cannon, it's still work in progress. A brand new anti-personel weapon, that should add a way to defend your base without griefing the facilities, chests, crates or machines. Yes, some machines are on the way too!!
Well, just to share with you, and please stay tuned because I'm planning to do a limited beta release to test the openGL11 alpha of the bubble explosion on different systems.

So if you are interested on helping me with the beta-testing of new weapon, please leave a comment below to this post and a way to e-mail you the 1.4 beta file. I would like to test it in: a PC laptop, desktops, mac and linux if is possible.
Please leave your computer specs and give me some feedback as soon as you try it.


Plasma shot, the actual gun texture is not final

Growing explosion damaging the creepers

The creepers are tossed away by the energy shock 

Just fired plasma shot

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