Boss Robot Mod in Minecraft

RHODES Boss Robot wiki & tutorial:

Description: Mechanized Weapon Actuator Heavy Armored Humanoid Automaton (MWAHAHA)

  • Reactor: 15000 max power (can be increased or decreased on the RR config file).
  • Size: 30 meters tall, 16 meters wide, 6 meters deep.
  • Speed: 2.5 blocks per second.
  • Propulsion: twin engines for short flying jump.
  • System: RR-AI mark 1. Artificial Intelligence (Auto) or Mech controlled (Pilot).
  • Weapon Array:  3 discrete targeting actuators.
  • Primary weapon: 70m range Dual Ein-Sten continuous laser (head).
  • Secondary weapon: 100m range Multi Seeker Rocket launcher, 21 capacity bay & B-83 nuke missiles (left).
  • Tertiary weapon: 40m range armor piercing Fire Cannon or Plasma Canon when Piloted (right).
  • Armor: 30 cm thick Rhodium clad outer shell equipped with Defense emitter Shield when Piloted.   

How to Drive the RHODES Boss Robot:

Rhodes Robot Drive Keys
To display the iconographic help menu hold the H key

  1. Shoot: Aim using mouse pointer. All weapons can shoot at the same time, except the rockets/nukes and the flame/plasma. By holding the A key a barrage of 21 Seeker rockets will meet the target till the weapon's cool off kicks in. The W key fires the head's double Ein-Sten laser. By pressing the D key the right hand weapon of the robot is turned on. By pressing the C key the right hand switches between the flamethrower and the plasma canon. The X key shoots nukes through the rocket bay in the left hand only when Seeker rockets are not firing. All ammunition levels are shown in the Robot GUI. 
  2. Drive: The Robot walks towards the mouse pointer, so be careful not to point too far or move the mouse too fast because he is a big guy and can't make sharp turns or react to fast navigation changes. Drive the Rhodes 3 like a big vessel or a huge cruise ship. Use the S key to stop / start walking.
  3. Fly: The Robot is equipped with twin engines for short flying jump. By holding the Space bar key the Rhodes 3 will fly up and forward until the Jet is depleted and the propulsion recharges.
  4. Extended Flying:  By pressing the Z key a B2 Stealth bomber will attach to the back of the robot. Use the Z key to fly forward. The wings expends 1K of the robot energy and will break after a short period of flying. This feature does not work on the Mammoth robot and is present only from RR 1.7.10U and up.
  5. Shield: The Robot is equipped with a full body Shield that cancels all damage while it is turned on. By holding the F key the Rhodes 3 will display the emitter charge overlay.
  6. Energy: the Shield, Ein-Sten laser and Jet Jump shares the same regenerative energy source. Using one of those will empty the shared cache at different speeds.
  7. Guard: By holding down the G key you exit the Rhodes 3  leaving the Robot in static mode but with the AI weapon system on. This way the robot stays as a sentry. The AI shuts down automatically if you board the Rhodes again.
  8. Multiplayer:  Up to 3 people can be riding a Rhodes at a time, passengers will be automatically positioned on top of the shoulders.

How to pick the RHODES Boss Robot model (color) and Insignia (logo or national flag).

RR Robot Flag Icons Tutorial

National Flags[/caption] Using commands you can select the next robot model and the logo to display on its shoulders. Color Model: To set the next model color to be deployed, type the following command line: /rrrobot model followed by the name or number of the robot.

Robot Models:

  1. Rhodes
  2. Magnesium
  3. Arsenic
  4. Vanadium
  5. Aurum
  6. Iodine
  7. Iron
  8. Astatine
  9. Cobalt
  10. Strontium
  11. Bismuth
  12. Zinc
  13. Osmium
  14. Neon
  15. Argent
  16. Wolfram
  17. Rhodes 'space' model (Shuttle Rocket Booster)
The names will cycle on the command line by pressing tab key.

Robot Size, Speed and Terrain Destruction:

(only in version 1.7.10V and up) How to use new commands:

Use /rrrobot (to display the HELP menu)
To spawn a Rhodes use: /rrrobot spawn 30
To spawn a Mammoth use: /rrrobot spawn 60
To spawn a Megalodon use: /rrrobot spawn 90
To spawn a Rodolodon use: /rrrobot spawn 360 (You need to spawn it lower than sea level or the game crashes)
The number you put is the number of meter/blocks high the robot will be. To get a 1 meter tall robot do: /rrrobot spawn 1

To turn on new block breaking use: /rrrobot rekt on – To turn off new block breaking use: /rrrobot rekt off
To double robot walk speed use: /rrrobot speedscale 2 – To halve robot walk speed use: /rrrobot speedscale 2 – To turn off scale-proportional speed use: /rrrobot speedscale off – To turn it back on use: /rrrobot speedscale on

Flags and Logos:

To choose the logo, icon, or National flag to be displayed on the robot, type the following command: /rrrobot logo flags/ followed by the name of the image, without the .png extension. Like: /rrrobot logo flags/doge (use the picture below to learn the image names) (Note: images can be also loaded from  RR's items, blocks or entity folders)

Robot Logos and National Flags

Rhodes Robot Crate
Rhodes auto-build scaffold box

Auto build Deployment:

  1. Drop the Rhodes auto-build scaffold box or construct it with pliers until the progress reaches 100%
  2. Power up the assembler blocks by turning on a ToKaMaK reactor near or in one of the scaffold's platforms
  3. To build the Reactor pile up two Supply Crates and use the Pliers on the top one until the progress reaches 100%
  4. Fill the reactor chamber with a Core and an energy Rod and turn it on
  5. Now the Tesla coil in the reactor arcs electricity to the Assemblers until all the conduit blocks become the Rhodes Robot
  6. The Robot stays in dormant mode until the AI aggro limit is reached
  7. Usually 6 rocket impacts wake up the Rhodes
  8. When the robot powers up, the AI engages the DTA dynamic target acquisition
How to build the Tokamak

To power the Rhodes build a Tokamak Reactor and turn it on[/caption]

Alternate or More challenging Method:

  • To increase the game difficulty you can set up the config file of the scaffold box to be deployed empty
  • In this case the empty blue print has to be manually filled up with conduit blocks
  • All conduits have to be in place. If conduit blocks are missing the assemblers will fail to produce the Rhodes when powered up by the reactor.

Construction of the RHODES Boss Robot

Battle mode Deployment:

  • By placing the game starter, or typing the command /rrstartround  the game will automatically drop a Rhodes right under the Dome in the Sky, in addition to adding the Omega and Sigma objective platforms.
  • The Robot will remain dormant until is attacked or mounted.
  • You can set up the Rhodes quantity on each round thru the config file.
  • The default is set in percentages: 100% equals to 1 Rhodes. 0% deploy no Rhodes. 50% set the chances 50/50.  200% = 2 robots, etc.
  • In autonomous mode the RHODES Boss Robot belongs to no team and will attack any of the parties.
  • If the robot's health drops to endangered levels the AI will activate the safety mode and try to recharge
  • In this case the Rhodes will seek the team's objective with the most logged players to replenish energy from
  • When the objective is reached the robot stands still sucking the energy until the recharge cycle is completed
  • If the energy levels of the objective gets depleted by multiple recharges the objective melts down and the round ends
  • The team that losses the objective losses the round

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I build the Mammoth XL size Robot?
To build the 60 meters version of the Rhodes you have to pile up 3 scaffold boxes and construct the top one with pliers until the progress reaches 100%.

How does the autonomous target system work? The Rhodes 3 has a priority system in which it sorts its targets by relevance. Pretty much it attacks other huge mobs and Rhodes robots before anything else.

Does the Rhodes drop something?
Yes, after the robot melts down and explodes all its the parts drop to the floor. Parts can also be destroyed, but only the head drops loot.

How do you get the alternate Rhodes versions?
Building more than one Rhodes in the same map will deploy the different models. Subsequent deployments will cycle thru all it's versions. You can also set the model on the RR config file or use the /rrrobot model command followed by the name or number of the robot.

When does the Rhodes fires nukes instead of rockets?
In autonomous mode only when the target mob's health exceeds 1000.

How do you destroy the Rival Rebels RHODES Boss Robot?
Use the RR weapons including the nukes, attack and hide, use armor at all times and carry regeneration pills. The Rhodes is tough but beatable, I proved it on the video above.

Why is it called Rhodes 3?
Because of the ancient Colossus of Rhodes, a huge statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios. The Rhodes used to hold a big fire beacon on its right hand, serving as a lighthouse. The island of Rhodes is in the south Aegean Sea (part of the Mediterranean sea).

Colossus of Rhodes

Artist's misconception of the Colossus of Rhodes from the Grolier Society's 1911 Book of Knowledge. Source[/caption]

How do I install Rival Rebels 1.7.10 if I'm playing Minecraft 1.8 or 1.9?
To install the RHODES Boss Robot update you need to download and install Forge 1.7.10. Then create a new Folder inside your Minecraft directory (to know how, look below). Let's call that folder RR1710. Now open the Minecraft launcher (1) and click "new profile". Change the profile name to 1.7.10RR. Tick the Game directory checkbox (2), and change the path to the RR1710 folder we created. On the "use version" drop menu (3) select Forge 1.7.10. Save the profile and play the game once to force Minecraft to download the 1.7.10 version to the new RR1710 folder. Exit the game and drag the RivalRebels.jar (and any other 1.7.10 mods) to the mods folder inside the RR1710 folder. This way you can have a discrete 1.7.10 mods profile to play whenever you want.


How to find your Minecraft folder directory 

  • Open Minecraft.
  • Click Options
  • Click Resource Packs
  • Click Open Resource Pack folder
  • Go up one level (on the folder path)
  • that is your MC folder
Important Config file settings: - Scaffold auto-build empty or filled. (defaults to filled) - Rhodes Friendly Fire on-off. (defaults to on) - Battle mode Rhodes deploy chance. (defaults to 100%) - Objectives heath maximum. (defaults to 15000) - Rhodes heath maximum. (defaults to 15000) - Safe mode. (defaults to True) Note: To lower the Rhodes health set 'safemode' to false or changes will have no effect. Safe Mode prevents inexperienced players from crashing the game by typing ridiculous numbers.