B2 Stealth Bomber Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

B2 Stealth Bomber Tutorial Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

On this tutorial I'll explain how to operate the Controller laptop, the LTD -RR laser target designator and how to successfully bomb the target.

The Controller is a mobile Command Post that signals for battle assistance. The Tasks or missions are virtually set up on its screen until the attack coordinates are transmitted to the remote forces. With the LTD-RR unit, the target coordinates you picked gets transmitted to the controller to initiate the Tactical Task. The B83 Tactical Nuke explosion is small. It is meant to be used on a military situation without compromising your own assets. If the airplane is diverted or shot down before the drop is made effective, it's load will be lost and subtracted from the task amounts. Recipes can be found on the Devices tab.

Stealth Bomber and B83 Tactical Nuke drop

How to successfully bomb your target

  1. Use the Controller (laptop) to set up the air support. At the moment the only available mission is the Tactical Nuke (TN) task using the B-83 nuclear bomb   

  2. B83 Nuke shockwave

  3. Start by setting up the B-2 bomber placing the 4 Chips on the plane schematics. When ready, the light above the dispatcher's button will get solid green.

Controller Interface : Tactical Nuke

  • Then you have to set up the load. Fill up the nuclear & hydrogen chambers with Rods (for a Nuclear strike) or with  Time Bombs (for a conventional strike). Only the right item will fit the slot. Fill up 1, 2 or 3 of each slots to get 1, 2 or 3 air strikes. Also place the bomb parts: 2 Nuke Crates, 1 Antennae & 1 Plastic Explosive to set the B-83 nuke or the Robot Buster Bomb When ready, the dispatcher button will be green showing that it is armed.

  • Controller Interface: Saturation Bombardment

  • By pressing the dispatcher button the TN task amount will display on the Controller's GUI and on the LTD's GUI. 

  • Laser Target Designator

  • The LTD is a high precision Laser Target Designator that serves as binoculars, to zoom in (with the mouse wheel), and to pick target coordinates on the map. It also displays the amount and kind of tasks available, & let's you call for an air strike. 

  • LTD-RR View Finder

  • To access any Task the LTD has to be in close proximity to an armed controller. If you step out of range the Task icon at the right bottom of your visor will fade out & instead  a CONTROLLER OUT OF RANGE warning will display in yellow. 
  • In order to successfully bomb, pick up the coordinates at not less than 20 blocks from your actual position. If is too close (compromising you and the controller), a NO warning message will display in red.
  • Also, if the target is farther than 130 blocks an OUT OF RANGE warning will display in red.
  • When you left-click within range (or using the R key for one button Macs), a TARGET ACQUIRED warning will display & the B-2 bomber will fly by above your head to drop the nuke on the acquired target. 
  • Pressing the C key let's you switch between Conventional bombs or nukes depending on the available LOAD.
  • Only from versions 1.7.10E and up you can force the B2 Bomber to drop all available nukes in the same pass. To do that hold down the "shift" key while Acquiring the Target.
  • Use /rrconfig b2 <type> To change the B2 ordinance. Type /rrconfig b2 all to show all types of drops.
  • Use the B2 rrconfig Commands: /rrconfig b2trash false (to toggle the random items that the b2 drops after the main nuke payload) /rrconfig b2leave false (allows the b2 to cycle indefinitely. Wont leave until they are shot down)
  • The LTD visor also displays the distance to the target in meters, cardinal points, pointed coordinates & ground type. 

  • B2-Stealth Bomber Down

  • A Radiological alarm is automatically broadcasted to all players to warn them about the incoming strike.
  • The air strike can be prevented by the defending team.
  • Attacking the B-2 primarily with the Ein-Sten laser & or with the Tesla will shot down and destroy the bomber.
  • Diverting the plane or the nuke is possible by using the Plasma Cannon.
  • The attack round is very brief & stealth so all defenders should join efforts to shot down the attacker. 

  • B-2 Stealth Bomber Attacked by Ein-Sten ground fire

  • The attacker's controller also can be targeted to prevent further incursions. If destroyed or moved by the M202-RR rockets or the Plasma Cannon's bubble the 4 microchips will be lost.
  • Chips (microchips) are very expensive on a PVP game because the recipe is hard & only one is given to the player, nor the less the B-2 requires 4.
  • Plane debris can be destroyed.
  • Note: By holding the B key and using the mouse wheel, when the LTD is selected on the hot bar, the super zoom is activated.
  • Note 2: the LTD left click or R key (to pick a target on a Mac) and also the B key, can be turn off by editing the RR config file and setting each value to false.

  • BOOM!!

    Rodol b2 bomber