Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Mod

Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Mod.

On this tutorial I'll explain how to play in Battle Mode & set up the Automatic Battle System. How to use Team & Class Selector interface, and how the battle rounds works.

RR mod Battle System
Automatic Battle mode Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

When you join a Rival Rebels Server or LAN game you start in a dome in the sky, ready to select a team to join for the battle.

Your mission in the game is to destroy the other team objective wile protecting yours. In order to win the battle, your team must destroy the adversary's objective by detonating or dropping a Nuclear Bomb, Tsar Bomba or B83 Tactical Nuke.

The Sigma & Omega objectives are indestructible by any other means, and only one of each can be present on any map.

Recipes for the nuke parts can be found on the Explosives tab of this site.


How to Play in Battle Mode & how to set up Rival Rebels automatic battle rounds.

Place the Game Starter Block in the map, switch to survival mode and using the pliers, construct until the RR battle system is set up (older versions require to break the crate). RR mod will generate the Sky Dome and two circular platforms . On the center of each it will lay the objective as shown on the top image. Omega to the East, and Sigma to the west of the Dome. At "round end" a new Dome and objectives platforms will be generated to the South for the next battle. Since RR version 1.6.4K you can use the command /rrstartround instead of using the Game Starter block, or after the round was stopped by the /rrstopround command .

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up your own server. 

Every time the players gets killed in Single Player, LAN (local area network) or Server, they spawn at the Sky Dome and are prompted with the RR selector GUI (game user interface). RR automatically sets the game to keep inventory items.

team selector

Customizable Server Info: This GUI allows the server owner to add detailled information through the motd.txt file inside /mods/RivalRebels/Spawn, the information added will show for all clients on the top window of the GUI. This way special rules can be explained to the players. Player's Info: The middle window will show statistics of the player , not yet added. Team Win Counts: The lower two windows separate the players in Omega and Sigma teams spotting the selected class in a color code. Player Class Selector: The class button opens the Classes GUI, where the player selects his specialty. Players Class Reset: The reset button clears the player class and allows to change it two times within the same battle.< Team Player's List: Show all player's usernames (by team) since last server's boot. Player Team Selector: The two small boxes at the very bottom, will show the number of wins of each team on that map.   When the Class button is pressed you can cycle thru the different classes. Each class shows a short description, team value, and item kits. By pressing the Ready button the class is set and the GUI moves to the team selector.

Rival Rebels Classes

Rebel class - Nuker class - Intel class- Hacker class

By pressing the Omega or Sigma button the the player joins a team and gets teleported to its base (objective platform). Building defenses and traps is a good way to start.

Platform Base defense

When one detonates or drops a Nuclear bomb in the proximity of the opponents base, and the objective gets destroyed, a victor team is broadcasted to all players.

Killed from above

To successfully destroy a team objective, the nuke has to find the objective within the killing zone. The size of the killing zone radius depends on the amount of rods on the nuke's load. (The bigger or closer the better).

End round

Team Omega Wins

Seconds later the Battle Over GUI prompts all players to choose to start a new round or to wait a few minutes. (The round can be completely halted by an admin by using the /roundstop command preventing the 'next battle window' to show again)

Battle Over

If the majority of players click the YES button, a new Sky Dome and team platforms will get generated south of the previous location to start a new battle round. Join the Rival Rebels Battle Mode Servers! ip address in here. 

Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod

Automatic Battle System Rival Rebels Minecraft Mod. Old versions of RR mode feature differences on the mechanics of this system.  

Rival Rebels custom Commands

Op commands:

  • /rrreset all -  deletes all the team files and all the resets counts.
  • /rrreset < player name > - deletes the given player's team files and reset counts.
  • /rrstopround - stops the battle round, preventing the 'next battle window' to show again.
  • /rrstartround - starts the battle round without the need of placing the Game Starter block or if the round was stopped.
  • /rrreset wincount - resets the teams battle victories count to zero.
  • /rrinspect < player name > - prints out the given player mod list.

Player commands:

  • /killme Kills the player.
  • /rr < password > - Allows the player to enter a Rod-Disk rank's password.
  • /rr < password > + < player name > - Allows the password holder to set a rank to other logged players.

Rival Rebels Server's Rules

Battle Mode Rules for Players and Admins


Player behavior / Admin response

  • In the RR server light trolling and griefing is allowed against your enemy.
  • Team Killing and Self Nuking is considered griefing the game. So don't do it!!
  • Light profanity is tolerated but not welcome.
  • Spamming the chat, using fly hacks, bullying players, advertising servers IPs, hate speech, or racist comments are strictly forbidden!!
  • In the case any of the above happens, the Admin will first warn the player, second threaten them with the appropriate measures, and if they do not comply, kick the player and report them to the IC unit (Intel Corps) or higher ranking officer for a permanent ban. (Racism or Hate speech get only one warning).
  • Admins have the ability to inspect any player and display cheat mods or hacks. If you do have cheats, please remove them before you joint any RR server. Failure to do so will result in a temporary ban. (You can appeal bans on this forum topic)
  • Abuse Reports: In case no RR Admins are present at the time of an incident, any player can file a report on the RR forum and the necessary action will be taken.
  • Please use this forum topic to report any form of RR server abuse, from Players or Admins. (I take this very seriously)

RR Admin conduct / technical requirements

  • Knows how to take / post a screenshot to make a report on the RR forum.
  • Make Banning reports here, the RR Admins will attach a screenshots of the issue, comments or infraction, in the RR forum. The report will show the justification for the measure
  • Knows all the RR server / user custom commands. (8 at the moment)
  • Knows how to place the gamestarter or the round start command and how to reset players and rounds
  • Knows the recipes described on the Structures, Weapons and Devices tabs of this site
  • Knows the mod tricks and secrets shown on the Rodol Phito channel videos
  • Can stop the current battle round under his criteria or by the players request, but if so, a new game-starter or round start command has to be executed before leaving the server (Always leave the server in battle mode)
  • Will contact me ASAP if the server is underperforming or bugged
  • Should pass me the information and details if a player reports game glitches, providing a crash report, if applicable and whenever is possible.
  • Should never op other players or deop other admins.
  • Should never ban without filling a report or without Head Admin authorization.
  • Should never interfere with the battle by TELEPORTING the players away or to the Admin location. Do not spawn items that will interfere with the normal course of a battle, do not spawn items for other players either or empty the players inventories.
  • I also expect from the RR server Admin to have fun, be a respectful host, and not abuse Admin powers.  Note:  If you playing in creative mode, stay away from the battle zone, and do not lag the server by going too far on the map, spawning excessive nukes, projectiles, explosives or mobs that will ruin the game for everyone. Be fair to other players.
  • The Admin is a representative that teaches other players, spreads the game, keeping a good first impression of the server and the mod.
  • To learn how to apply as RR server Admin please use RR Server Officer Information Links.
Thank you!!